Top 5 places in Eastern Europe and tips to enjoy them

To put it in the words of St. Augustine, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page!” Our earth is a mesmerizing planet with snow clad mountains, palm-fringed beaches, undulating topography, cackling rivers, roaring waterfalls and breath-taking scenery. The continent of Europe has been specially endowed with such beauties.

Here is a list of five places that you can’t afford to miss if you decide to book Eastern Europe Tour:



Kotor is a medieval town ensconced in the defensive walls that were built between the 9th and 18th century. It exudes a fairy tale aura with winding cobbled streets, centuries-old buildings and bustling piazzas. Situated on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, near the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovcen, this city enjoys the captivating views of both the mountains and the seas. It would be of particular interest to those interested in ancient architecture as the city hosts several Romanesque churches. The fortified city has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


A great time to visit the magnificent city would be the summer. Apart from the scenic beauty and the medieval ambiance, one will also get to witness the various summer events (such as the Summer Carnival) that the city hosts.



The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is often called “the city of a hundred spires “. The Gothic style cathedrals, beautiful towers and the towering spires make it a popular tourist attraction. This city offers an amalgamation of art, music, dance, film, food and architecture. The peaceful rides in the riverboats, the serene atmosphere coupled with awe-inspiring views and gardens calm the mind and rejuvenate the senses. The Charles bridge, the old town square and the Prague castle are a treat for the traveler’s eye.


Prague is an ideal place for a weekend getaway. Apart from the architecture, the beer is also well known. The myriad flavors of the Czech food are also a great attribute that makes Prague an amazing destination.



This mountain range is a part of the larger chain of the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. The Tatra mountains act as a natural border between the states of Slovakia and Poland. The scenic beauty of these mountains is stunning. A diverse variety of flora and fauna, towering mountain slopes and dizzyingly deep valleys make it an amazing destination both during summer and winter months. The main areas of interest include the sea eye lake for hiking, Kasprowy peak for a cable car, great views and skiing and the Eagle Ridge trail for an adrenaline invoking climb.


The place gets pretty crowded during winters, especially during the Christmas time. So, a good Eastern Europe Tour package would include early planning and booking. The mountains get especially slippery during the October to April period so skiing is advisable during the months from May to September.



The capital city Tallin rests on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It is divided into four major parts- the Toompea (or the upper town), the All Lin (the lower town), the Kadriorgand the Pirita- all rife with their own attractions. The upper town has the Toompea castle which is a site of enchanting grandeur apart from the Dome church and the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The lower town is replete with medieval churches. The art museum is housed in the Kadriorg. It has on display a plethora of Estonian art including paintings by famous painters.


The Pirita is a coastal district that boasts of the boat rides along the Pirita River that flows through it.


A lot of festivals and music events are organized throughout the year in Tallin and one great idea would be to check our festival of interests and then book Eastern Europe Tour packages accordingly so as to witness the fun of the festival along with the beauty around.



Skopje is a historian’s delight as this city has witnessed the confluence of both the Islamic as well as the Christian culture. It has been under the Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman rule which is why this city boasts of a dynamic culture. It lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula and is famous for being the birthplace of Mother Teresa. The Stone Bridge, the Millenium cross, the house of Mother Teresa are among the very popular tourist places.


Though not widely talked about. Skopje has the largest bazaar in Balkans outside of Istanbul. This is something many tourists miss out on while visiting it.


These were some of the many places that are worthy of our visit. They are a sure shot way to beat the monotony and a great respite from the humdrum. Every once in a while, we need to step away from all the material aspirations we have and set out on a journey that makes us appreciate the truly valuable things in life again. So, take a break this approaching holiday season, Book an Eastern Europe Group trip! 

Top 5 Honeymoon Couple Attractions in Scandinavia

If you are planning to book Europe group trip for your honeymoon but you are yet to decide where to go then you should give Scandinavia a try. The Scandinavian nations have common cultural traits including similarity in their flags and numerous related languages. Scandinavia is well known for its natural glamor and its very unique design and architectural principles. Scandinavian design trademark can increase the price of a product by a significant value. If you book Scandinavian honeymoon you’ll surely make your memories eternal by visiting the fascinating Nordic cities and few of the most scenic areas in the world.


Scandinavian honeymoon packages start from around 1,30,000 INR per adult including meals and accommodation costs. If that is feasible for you and you would like to try something new instead of the common honeymoon locations, you should definitely book Scandinavian honeymoon packages.

Below are the top attractions for couples in Norway which is at the heart of Scandinavia filled with dramatic lake-drains, secluded islands, huge glaciers and vibrant colorful houses that make it look absolutely splendid.

  1. Cruising Across the Country

You would want to appreciate the beauty of the Norwegian coast. A cruise on the Hurtigruten ship from Bergen to Kirkenes seems like a great idea. The cruise will take you through many gorgeous islets and to places which are unreachable by cars and train. The cruise takes five and half days to complete. Getting a private cabin for you and your significant other is particularly recommended for a multi-day trip. But if you and your partner are adventurous enough or simply because you can’t afford a cabin (they can be pretty expensive), the decks have a pretty reasonable fare and there are often discounts going on for the deck fares, like up to 50% discount with InterRail. Prior reservations are mandatory for the cabins. The decks are spacious enough to accommodate people and bike.

  1. Become Speechless Gazing at the Northern Lights

What can be more romantic than staring at the northern lights in the night with your significant other? It is generally best viewed from the North side of Norway. The lights paint the sky with beautiful violet, green, blue and yellow colors. If you are viewing aurora it will take your breath away and deepen the connection between you and your significant other. If you are in Scandinavia you just cannot miss Northern Lights. Tromsø is a great place to see the aurora.

  1. Hiking

Endless opportunities of hiking are up for grabs in the wide wilderness of Norway, whether it is a walk in Oslo’s city forest or a climb to alpine in Jotunheimen or Troms. Hiking Jotunheimen is not only for adventure seekers but also a great activity for lovers, couples and newlyweds. Jotunheimen is a very large land filled with spectacular lakes, untouched nature and marvelous mountains. The landscape is made of rocks, snow and ice. You can also set up a romantic camp in Norway with your partner. Travelers are given a right to access, which allows them to camp freely in most places as long as it is not for farming and 150m away from residential area.

  1. Going for Long Drives

A long drive is always a good way to start the romance for the day. The warped Atlantic Ocean road in Norway is one of the best driving experiences one can get in the summers. Stretched over five miles, lies gorgeously scenic west coast of the country. With calm water below and wild blue skies above, couples are allured by the ride. Just keep in mind that Norway has right-hand traffic as the rest of the Europe. The traffic is calm and driving is generally easy. Norwegian roads vary in quality. The main roads prefixed with an “E” are the European highways connecting Norway to other European countries. “E” roads are very good for navigation. There is one more thing to be careful about while driving, Moose/Elk and red deer may jump into highway around the dawn or dusk, so take extra care while driving. You must be extra careful while driving through forests. If you would like to take a drive to the mountains then make sure to plan your tour in summer as some mountain passes including popular roads around Geiranger are closed off in winters.

  1. Watch the Midnight Sun Together

Due to its geographical position on earth, the Sun can be seen at midnight. There is approximately 6 months of daylight and 6 months of dusky night in Norway. So, if you plan the trip at right time you may be able to enjoy the beautiful wonder of the world, the Midnight Sun with your significant other. This phenomenon has been attracting travelers to Norway for a long time, so you should definitely not miss it. Best places for couples to enjoy the midnight sun would be Tromsø or Harstad. The ideal time for couples to become speechless by the breathtaking scenery of the midnight sun is May to July. Coastlines or above the mountains is the perfect position to bathe in the sunlight of the midnight sun.

Your honeymoon is a time that you will remember forever, make the most of it. Enjoy a spectacular honeymoon in Scandinavia.

Top 5 exotic Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

Romance and history flow freely in the winds of Greece. Though movies have done justice to the majestic beauty of this place, your honeymoon in Greece is going to give you more than what you’ve seen or ever imagined. A luxurious one or a chilled out one, honeymoon in Greece can never go wrong. The history, the beaches, the subtle villages, the exotic nightlife and the list is endless about what Greece has in store for the newlyweds who are out here to spend the best time of their lives.

The fun begins right after you book your Greece honeymoon package for the excitement will keep you going.

Below are 5 best exotic honeymoon destinations in Greece.


The capital of Greece was once the heart of the Ancient Greece. The treasures stored in the Acropolis museum are worth visiting. You can see some amazing masterpieces spread across the museum. You can also take an evening walk while enjoying the setting sun.  You would be able to see some ancient temples as at the time of sunset, the monuments made up of marble would be glittering like gold. The oldest law court of ancient time, Areios Pagos is also located in Athens. Every view you witness in this archaeological heaven is breath-taking and you can enjoy some lovely panoramic views with your partner here.


Disturbed by a massive volcanic eruption in medieval times, this place has a natural rugged look now. The seas so shimmery, the colorful beaches are just a few things that Santorini is made up of. A perfect honeymoon destination, this place will overload you with endless memories as you go back. You can choose to book it yourself through various websites or book a Europe group trip that includes it. However, if you really want to do justice to this place, you would need at least 5-6 days in Santorini. This place is a group of islands consisting of Aspronissi, Thira, Palea, Thirassa and Nea Kameni. It is exciting to know that there is an active volcano in Santorini and is the only volcano in the entire world whose crater is under the sea. You would love to visit this place with your beloved. It is indeed the best Greece exotic honeymoon place. In fact, not just a honeymoon destination, Santorini is most sorted for destination weddings too for its romantic feel.


The northernmost Greek island, Thasos is covered with mighty beaches all around. To enjoy some great moments with your partner, you can plan on visiting a different beach every day. We can assure you that you are going to fall in love with this place. You can find a lot of peacocks in Thasos and the best bit is the absolutely clear and sparkling water, the sea has to offer. A number of ancient ruins are not to be missed along with some great nightlife it has to offer to you. The sandy beaches are just the place to be with your partner throughout the day, witnessing the beautiful vast sea. From Scala Maries to Livadi Bay, from Paradise beach to Aliki beach, there are numerous attractions in Thasos for you to experience.


Home to beautiful beach resorts, Rhodes is the place for you to be on your honeymoon. Rhodes has been declared as UNESCO’s world heritage site. The richness and the beauty of the old structures have been maintained pretty well. They just look like they were built yesterday. If you have a thing for loud music and great alcohol, take a look at Faliraki, you are just going to love it. From water sports to go-carting, Rhodes has everything for you, to make your honeymoon the best. Some great vineyards are too spread across the city. The wines available here are out of the world and you will love relishing them with your partner.


Seen those sea turtles in movies? You might get lucky on your honeymoon to Laganas as this island is home to a lot of sea turtles. Tavernas and some dynamic bars are the best things to experience in Laganas. A honeymoon has to have some peace and a lot of fun while you are spending some quality time together and Laganas is going to be your place for it. You can choose from booking a fancy resort to a bed and breakfast but you’ll need some good time in your hand if you want to enjoy your honeymoon here. You can choose to book for 5-6 nights to explore the serenity and adventure spread across the bay.

Though words can surely not to do enough justice to what Greece truly is, we tried hard to help you with describing the best available as exotic honeymoon destinations in Greece.  As we believe that this is going to be the best time together and it cannot be anything less than grand. If you want to keep your Greece honeymoon under a constricted budget, opt for a Europe group trip and those with a lavish budget can book Greece honeymoon packages. Take your pick but do not miss this amazing destination that is beyond words when it comes to beauty and appeal.

How to explore Paris, Switzerland weekend Tour

Paris, Switzerland weekend Tour

Paris, Switzerland weekend Tour

Paris, Switzerland weekend Tour: Thinking about taking a trip to Europe? Well, with so many things to see and do, it is no coincidence that Europe is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Whether you are looking for a vacation with family, a romantic getaway or a jaunt with friends, Europe is one destination that enchants everyone because of its majestic mountain ranges, architectural marvels, heritage sites and natural beauty.

You are looking forward to a European vacation you can book Europe Group Trip.Over one of the weekends, you may choose to visit the top destinations in Europe viz. Paris and Switzerland. Below is a brief guide to help you get the most out of your trip:


Paris is without a doubt is one of the most romantic places and also a cultural and fashion hub. It is a feast to experience its beauty at least once in a lifetime. While a romantic break in Paris is a delight, it has a lot to offer to those not looking for a romantic getaway as well. The best way to visit the “City of Light” is by enjoying a cruise on the Seine, especially at night.Go ahead and fall in love with Paris and its beauty.

What to Do in Paris?

Places to Visit: Well, there isn’t much guessing here with Eiffel tower being one of the primary places to visit in Paris.Other places to visit are as follows:

  • The world-famous Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most singular and beautiful cathedrals of Europe
  • Luxembourg Gardens, if you looking for a stroll among beautiful lawns, gardens and fruit orchards.
  • Europe’s most visited theme park, Disneyland Paris is a delight for adults and kids alike.
  • You would not want to miss the magical Main Street Electrical Parade at night.
  • The Palace of Versailles which consists of decorative sculptures, elaborate fountains and the Grand Canal are also destinations you will not forget for a lifetime.

Paris City Tour: The best way to check out all the Parisian highlights is by taking a city tour that takes you through Eiffel Tower and Alexander Bridge, to Notre Dame Cathedral and Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées. The Louvre is an essential part of the tour as it is the iconic shopping district of Le Marais.

Shopping: Paris is home to the world’s finest designer names like Yves Saint-Laurent, Lancôme, L’Oréal and Christian Dior. Visit luxury shopping areas like Avenue Montaigne, Faubourg Saint Honoré, and Place Vendome. The St-Ouen flea market and antique fair are the perfect places for shopping.

Food: Explore the famous food markets Marché des Enfants Rouges and the Marché d’Alene.  


Switzerland’s snow-capped peaks, breathtaking mountains, clear lakes and mountain range, thick alpine forests and marvellous sights make it a perfect gateway for tourists irrespective of the season you visit.Winter, spring, summer or fall, all are sure to take you right into your dreams and to scenes of movies that you have probably visualized yourself into.

What to do in Switzerland 

Places to Visit:

  • The Matterhorn, Switzerland’s iconic pointed peak is one of the highest mountains in the Alps.
  • Interlaken is a beautiful town in Switzerland that uniquely sits between two lakes and makes for a mesmerizing sight.
  • Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest Alpine lake is also worth a visit and adds to the beauty of Switzerland.
  • Moritz is one of the world’s top mountain destinations.
  • You may visit Zurich to experience the top choice for travelers to start their tour. Popular activities in Zurich include boating on the lake or simply strolling along its pristine edges. You can go for a light hike at Utliberg Mountain.
  • From Engelberg, embark on an exciting journey in a rotating cable car to reach Mount Titlis. Titlis is ideal for hikers during summers. Other attractions at Titlis include Glacier Cave and an Indian restaurant.
  • Jungfraujoch, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is another place to visit.
  • You may also witness the Swiss Alps in all their glory on the Aletsch Glacier or in the Ice Palace.

Take a Hike: Hiking is a serious affair in Switzerland and is a paradise for walkers, hikers, and trekkers. Best way to experience magnificent panoramas of Switzerland is while on a hike or a trek. In all, there are about 708 mountain hikes within the region of Switzerland.

Take aTrain Ride: Taking the train is the best way to travel aroundSwitzerland.Scenic train rides, cable car excursions and Post bus tours bring you to the mountain peaks and carry you through the most scenic areas of Switzerland, no huffing and puffing involved.

Taste Local Wines: Explore the vineyards, and get your hands on the finest local wines of the city. You can visit the Chateau de Mont in Vaud or the Swiss Alps to get a taste of the local wines.

Taste Swiss Chocolates: Treat your sweet tooth with the famous milk chocolates. You can either take a tour of Nestle’s Callier Factory or visit the popular shops like Sprungli and Teuscher in Zurich, Martel in Geneva, or Poyet in Vevey.

You can avail amazing Europe Packages including a Group Tours, Paris Switzerland Tour Packages at amazing discounted rates.If this is your first trip to Paris or Switzerland, don’t forget to keep Paris Switzerland Tour book handy with you. Lonely Planet is a popular guidebook series for travelers. It is a great resource for planning your journey.

Best Budget Europe group trip packages

Best Budget Europe group trip packages

Best Budget Europe group trip packages

Best Budget Europe group trip packages: “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”. The material is intermittent but memories stay forever.

Once bitten by the travel bug it is hard to not think of taking a vacation every year. An international vacation is often on the cards for a travel enthusiast.

Europe is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the world. Planning a trip to Europe from India is a thrilling task for the sheer magnificence of the place.

While the budget may be a constraint, booking a group package may be a thrifty way to fulfil your dream and save some bucks. These packages are designed keeping large groups in mind and encompass a wide array of places included in a pre-designed itinerary. Book a Europe group trip today and take a vacation that will take you right into the memories of your favourite movie.

Europe group tour packages

Getting the agents to plan a budget Europe group tour can save a lot of your money. It can, in turn, be used wisely for shopping and getting souvenirs in remembrance of the fun times you had. The itinerary can be chosen depending on the budget, the seasons, or the interests of the group. Whichever part of the continent you choose to visit, there are beautiful attractions to check out and magnificent sights to see. The packages can range from single or multiple destinations depending on one’s time and budget.

Below are the places covered in a typical Europe group tour package. The aura is sure to leave you to spellbound. You may choose a package based on your choice of preferred destination.

Budget Europe Tour – This package encompasses all the destinations of your dreams and takes good care to pamper your pocket too.

The places covered include London, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Innsbruck, Venice, Florence.The tour keeps in mind the time required to relish each destination to its full potential and takes care of all expenses within the package cost. It also includes a beautiful train journey in the Continent of Europe Euro Star Train from London – Brussels.

This 14-day tour is the best way to experience the best that Europe has to offer. You can also opt for a customized package to include destinations of your choice.                                       

Below are some famous destinations to look out for in your package tour to Europe


  • Stonehenge is Britain’s ancient monument famous for the ‘hanging stones’ placed during 3000-1500BC. It also includes a visitor centre for exhibitions, a shop, and a cafe.
  • Windsor Castle the magnificent fortress served as the summer residence of the Royals. The visit to the royal palace is incomplete without witnessing the ‘Changing the Guard ceremony’ in the Castle surroundings.
  • The Cambridge University preserves one of the largest collections of historic buildings. Apart from the university courses it also features shopping, food and a host of cultural events, summer fairs, and The Cambridge Folk Festival.


  • Zurich is the largest city and a major transportation hub that is a favourite amongst tourists enthusiastic about visiting Europe. A walk along the cobblestone pathways with little cafes, galleries on either side will surely stay etched in your memory.
  • The Reitberg Museum that houses non-European art from countries like China, India, and Africa shows an amazing amalgamation of cultures.
  • Another mesmerizing beauty is the Rhine falls that is the largest waterfall in Central Europe. The best time to visit is June- July when the snow from the mountain melts and flows along. A boat ride is ideal for an excellent


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Paris is the Eiffel Tower that always tops the list of places to see. While it is a feast for the romantic soul, Paris has loads to offer to those not looking for a romantic experience as well. Below are some other delights that Paris has up for offer:

  • Disney Land is visited and enjoyed equally by adults and kids and concluded with an illumination tour of Paris.
  • Louvre Museum holds a number of European fine arts. The world famous painting of Mona Lisa, Wedding Feast at Cana are some of the collections found here.
  • Mont Saint – Michel can be considered as the landmark of France. Also known as “The Heavenly Jerusalem” this little island contains the Abbey that was created in the medieval architecture and is an important pilgrim destination.

Austria Tour – This single destination package of 6 nights/ 7 days will take you on a serene tour of alpine villages, imperial history, and architecture. It is home to famous personalities like Mozart, Strauss, and Freud to name a few. The magnanimous spots covered are:

  • Salzburg –It is one the most picturesque cities in the world. The continuity of Alpine scenery broken down by medieval fortresses is sure to give you glimpses from the pages of a fairytale. A visit to the birthplace of Mozart and his home may also be included in the tour.
  • Hangar 7 owned by Red Bull this is a museum with collections of formula one racing cars, historic aeroplanes and helicopters.
  • Vienna – The capital city of Austria is classified as the most prosperous city in the world by the UN-Habitat.
  • The horses and riders of The Spanish Riding School and the performances they put forth are magical. They have been undergoing special training and have been performing since 1735.
  • Burggartena royal garden was once a court garden for the rulers. Now it is a pleasant outdoor area to have a quick lunch in the open.
  • Memorial to the great musician Mozart, a glass palm house is a delightful sight on the premises.
  • Innsbruck is known for its modern and imperial architecture. It is the most preferred city for winter sports that hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics. This brilliant location among the Alps makes for a perfect background with snow – clad mountains.
  • The Golden Roof (GoldenesDachl) is a gilded roof of copper tiles and Oriel windows and is adorned with an open
  • Among the numerous museums, Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is of international repute. It includes numerous works from the Gothic period. Another museum to be visited is the Armoury, a collection of weapons and armour are found here.

These are just a small subset from the vast offerings that Europe has for grabs. A quick chat with the highly experienced consultants at will help you choose a group trip package to suit all your needs and fulfil your Bollywood dream.

Best destinations luxury tour to Europe

Best destinations luxury tour to Europe

Best destinations luxury tour to Europe

Best destinations luxury tour to Europe: Europe is one of the best places in the world for its natural beauty and luxurious ambience. It is the perfect combination of luxury, beauty and mesmerizing architecture. It boasts of spellbinding destinations such as Switzerland, Paris and London, it is the most frequented by tourists in the World. And if you are on the lookout for the best destinations on a luxury tour, then Europe offers it all. It is also home to some of the best luxury brands in the world and every corner of the continent boasts magnificence. You can take a yacht ride or get onto a train or wagon to experience the place in its full essence.

Europe tour packages from India include some or all of these destinations and help you enjoy the destinations through a well-designed plan.

Below are some destinations that you must not miss on your luxury tour to Europe:


The city of London is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Europe. It offers an opportunity for a pretty happening nightlife and amazing views of the Thames from the tower bridge or through a cruise on the Thames. Elegantly designed archaeological structures like the Buckingham Palace and some of the best museums are housed here.  London is a complete package of everything one could ask for. There is so much to do and see in the European city. Also, you cannot afford to miss the amazing British food for the true feel of Britain. Take a walk through the streets or visit the stores on high street, London will not fail to enchant you.


Paris is known as the fun capital of the world. Everybody wishes to visit the Eiffel Tower at least once in their lifetime for a romantic experience. The Notre Dame, the Louvre are among the city’s best destinations apart from the Eiffel Tower. Apart from being a showcase of some of the most magnificent architecture in the world, Paris is also popular as a major shopping hub across the World. Indulge in some of the best luxury brands of perfumes and other lifestyle articles on your visit here. You may enjoy the finest restaurants, culture & theme tours and famous Paris lifestyle on your tour. The French capital is famous for attracting the highest number of tourists per year from all around the World.


The eternal city of Rome is also a great addition to your itinerary of a luxury tour. The Roman Colosseum is a fabulous example of architecture and one of the most visited wonders of the World. As soon as you land in the city, you start inching towards the rich Italian culture.With an area of just 0.44 square kilometres, the smallest country in the world, Vatican City is a must visit a place that will take you right into scenes of Hollywood. A moonlight tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome would leave you with beautiful Memories. 


The city is known as a biker’s city owing to the abundance of beautiful cycling trails here. You get to see the best of nature over here showered by gentle canals. Amsterdam always amazes you with its perfect blend of nature and city life. You must visit the city of Amsterdam if you love nature in the form of the elaborate canal system and narrow houses. The biggest points of interests in the city would be The Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, Anna Frank house and of course the cycling with various bike paths. You can also get drunk and enjoy the great nightlife that this city has to offer. 


While not on the list of many pre-designed tours, you can choose to visit this Russian delight for a luxurious experience. Get ready to be amazed by the harmonious blend of historic opulence and the modern era charm. With a population of 10 million, this city is a shiny structure of Political and business. There is a lot to do in Moscow than you can think. With some of the most amazing wonders like The Red Square, The Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the KGB museum and the nine domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow ranks among the top global tourist destinations in the World. Also, the Boulevard Ring is a great shopping place.


Another Italian city to rock in the list of best of destinations. Believe it or not, you have always thought to visit Venice at least once before dying, after seeing those mysterious passageways over television, or the internet. Venice is the city where beauty rules. The Italian destination is famous for Piazza San Marco, St. Marks Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Wherever you go in Venice you will only find history, beauty and romance.

Europe is a dreamy delight for all visitors, book Europe tour package today and take the first step towards the world of your dreams

How to choose the best holiday place

How to choose the best holiday place

How to choose the best holiday place

How to choose the best holiday place “Life is not where you go, it’s who you travel with”. A journey is best enjoyed with a good company that is sure to bring out the best in you. A good company will ensure unlimited fun and laughter and moments that would otherwise be lonely alone. And you can benefit from suggestions on best places to see, food to eat and inputs on other similar interests. A holiday is a great opportunity to unwind where you can find solace in the picturesque locations and rejuvenate yourself while creating lovely memories.

With so many places to cover in the world, it is difficult to decide on the ideal destination that you’d want to visit. Enlisting the places of choice, the time on hand and your budget can help to make easy your decisions. You can also contact experienced and reliable travel agencies and use their experience to make your plan a successful one.

Europe is one of the most coveted destinations around the world. Planning a trip to a destination as vast as Europe can be quite a task owing to the abundance of options and confusions arising from overflowing opinions. If you are in the national capital region, is a great Europe Group Travel Agency in Delhi, their experience has facilitated numerous successful Europe trips in the past and you can take help from their experience as well. They can help you design a great travel package to suit your needs and budget.

You have made the right decision by choosing Europe. It is the heart of human civilization with numerous enthralling places to visit and fabulous sights to witness. While the choice is vast, choosing the ideal place comes easy if you understand the basic categories that destinations fall into and then chalk out your interests. Below is a brief guide that can help you in deciding your target destinations based on taste:

Natural Appeal: Europe is well endowed with natural beauty in every nook and cranny. From Prague to Switzerland, it has everything from lush forests to coastlines to beautiful lakes. Wherever you choose to go, your eyes and soul will thank you for an unprecedented experience.

Heritage: Many of us are absolutely attracted to magnanimous buildings and old architecture that boasts of the rich past of a country. All heritage lovers can head to places with lovely museums and beautifully built buildings where every nook and cranny speaks of a great culture and varied influence.

If you want to explore Heritage in Europe below are some of your best bets:


  • Germany – The capital city Berlin is well known for its mesmerizing architecture. Reichstag and the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall are architectural wonders that will leave you awestruck with the craftsmanship and finesse. No visit to Germany would be complete without seeing the structure that divided the city, the Berlin Wall. Though now the remains have started to crumble, it is still a reminder of the city’s glorious past. You can enjoy it all and add to it a pint of beer.Visit the royal brewery Hofbrau Haus in Munich, the country’s most famous place to unwind.


  • Italy–A group ride in a Gondola in Venice will load you with a lifetime of memories.Take in the beauty of the gorgeous buildings like St Mark’s Basilica, Ca’ D’Oro, cruising under the old bridges. The Grand canal is surrounded by the palaces of all the leading families reflecting the Venetian Gothic and Renaissance facades.Rome houses the Colosseum. This amphitheatre is the largest built by the Roman Empire. It reminds us of the history of ancient Rome. All architectures are built flawless and there is one with flaws but still, makes for a wonder- The leaning tower of Pisa, that isn’t even erect.

 Chic city life: While natural wonders are abundant in Europe, it is worthwhile to indulge in the city life. If you enjoy some modern fun with good restaurants, dinners on skylines, nightclubs, play areas etc., then Europe will not disappoint you. You can head to the following to relish the urban charm of European cities:

  • London, UK The British capital is a fun place to visit in a group.A night out at Sky Garden, a place 500 feet above ground level overlooking the River Thames is spectacular. The all famous Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London are a part of every visitor’s itinerary. Leeds, the arts hub is sure to woo all art enthusiasts with its magnanimity. London also holds the reputation of being the food and drink capital which means you can splurge on food and drinks with all panache.


  • France –Well, this one is a blend of heritage, natural beauty, and enchanting city life. Paris, the romantic city has lots to offer to all tourists, be it the romantic kinds or simply leisure travellers. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame are sure to blow you off your feet with their mesmerizing beauty. Apart from the sightseeing, it is the best place to shop whether you choose the luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or the flea market. Provence, the sensual sights filled with lavender and olive trees is a feast for the eyes.Cannes, world famous for its film festival is a luxury resort town. It is surrounded by beaches on one side and luxury boutiques and hotels on the other. Cote d’Azur has something for everyone. It is a mixture of art museums and cobblestone streets to luxury hotels, lavish villas, gourmet restaurants and private beaches. This Mediterranean coastline is mesmerizing with its blue waters and equally blue skies. Book your Europe group trip today and get ready to explore magnificence at its best.


  • Spain – Madrid, the capital city is known for its nightlife. Situated in the centre of this beautiful city is the Royal Palace, the house of the monarch. The heart of the city called as Puerta Del Sol is the most happening spot with networks for public transport, a place for festivals, and street performers.Barcelona offers everything a tourist looks for in Europe group It is and will be the top travel destination with historic architecture to active shopping. Sunbathing on the sand of Barcelona and taking quiet strolls along La Rambla are popular activities.

Based on your taste and inclination, you can customize a travel package for yourself. If you are on the hunt for a tour and travel agency in Delhi, might just be right for they employ years of experience and get the best deal in order to customize cheap Europe tour packages for you.

Top 5 Tourist Couple Attractions Destinations in Greece

Destinations in Greece

Top 5 Tourist Couple Attractions Destinations in Greece

Destinations in Greece Your honeymoon is one of the most special events in your life and you definitely want it to be the best. Although there are numerous amazing honeymoon destinations around the world, Greece is one of those magical and charming destinations that would serve as the perfect backdrop to your honeymoon.

With spectacular sheer islands, exquisite architecture, an element of spirituality, and marvellous natural beauty, Greece houses them all. You can book Greece honeymoon deals in advance to plan a perfect honeymoon with your loved one. To make the task much simpler for you, we bring you the list of top 5 tourist couple destinations in Greece that you must not take a chance to miss!


Known for its stunning sunsets and awesome beauty, the Santorini Island is a quiet and serene place packed with numerous natural elements. Santorini offers elements for every taste and is an intense place with multiple nightclubs, sandy beaches, and restaurants.

This island holds white-washed architecture, enticing beaches, and magical sunsets that serve as an ideal romantic escape for the newlywed couple.You can plan a holiday at a luxurious suite, enjoy watching the sunset, dive into the swimming pool, and indulge in the majestic charm of Greece within this island.

Santorini is like a doughnut sprinkled with lots of cherries and tempting toppings. It is 300 meters above the sea level and a unique sight to watch and enjoy.


It is another honeymoon perfect destination in Peloponnese, Greece. It is an exquisite location housing numerous delights. It is the home of the exotic first capital of the country, which is a reason enough to visit it for your honeymoon.

With an array of cafes, marvellous bungalows draped with bougainvillaea, and the crystal clear waterfront, it is one of the heavenly places in Greece.

It is a lovely town encompassed within beautiful surroundings that you can explore during your honeymoon tour. Furthermore, you can plan the perfect honeymoon by making prior bookings for the Greece honeymoon packages that can be your gateway to explore every bit of this region.


The capital city of Greece, Athens is a magnificent place enriched with ultimate charm and overflowing allure that can make your honeymoon an unforgettable and precious moment of your life.

The Temple of Zeus, National Gardens, Parthenon, and Acropolis Museum are few of the prominent sights of the region that offer a romantic rendezvous to you. Moreover, you can explore the charismatic beauty of rustic buildings and giant churches and enjoy a mouthwatering feast of the Mediterranean cuisine.

While the Mount Lycabettus offers a panoramic view, the other sights to be enjoyed here are the National Museum and Temple of Hephaestus.


A true cosmopolitan by heart, it is a fantastic destination in the Cyclades. You can book Greece honeymoon packages that include Mykonos to have an unprecedented experience amidst glamour and charm.

It is an island that is always awake and that offers a marvellous nightlife, which you might not be able to find in other regions around the world. While you may notice a lot of famous celebrities enjoying to its shores, this place can be an ideal destination for a honeymoon that you have always dreamt of.

Mykonos houses a plethora of spectacular architectural delights and possesses sugar cubes, white-washed houses. It is a place known for its cleanliness and is even the home to the world’s top-notch jewellery designers. Scattered all around its shores are gourmet restaurants that would cater you a memorable gastronomic experience.

With star hotel facilities and gorgeous beaches like Elia and Platis Gialos, it is a party place where you can have the best of everything.


The unique villages, sheltered beaches, and diversified coves; Sifnos is an amazing place in Greece that will make your honeymoon an adventurous, romantic, and harmonious trip.

It is an exquisite place with harmony in its aura and appeal. The presence of the renowned island from the early 20th Century, Nichola Tselementes, makes is an exceptional place to be explored. Within the island, you can even sample a couple of Sifnos extraordinary produce cooked by reputed chefs that will be a real treat to your taste buds.

If you want to plan a honeymoon near water in a harmonious and serene place, then Sifnos can be the perfect destination for this. The splendour of this place is incomparable and a stay in the exotic Artemonascan enchant you with an extraordinary view. The Chrysopiyi in the Cathy and Kamares is the perfect place to dip in the gleaming blue waters and enjoy quality time with your partner.

Greece is an ideal honeymoon destination for the newlyweds that has earned great popularity over the years. As you explore every bit of it, you will fall in love with this place. So, book Europe group trip and be prepared to dive into the beauty of romance and love in Greece.


Top 5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey A spectacularly exotic location that will drain away your fatigue and give a fresh start to your most precious relationship, Turkey is an awesome destination for a memorable honeymoon. The romantic ambience, clear beaches, picturesque surroundings, and tons of adventure activities make it an excellent place to bask in the glory of love and relish the natural beauty.

Your honeymoon can be exciting, filled with romance, and packed with lots of adventures if you plan it in Turkey. If you want to figure out the best turkey exotic honeymoon destinations then here we present you with the top 5.

  1. Istanbul

A destination popular for its scenic beauty, Istanbul is indeed the largest city in Turkey. It is a hub of culture, food, history, and entertainment. Besides this, it is even a major financial and cultural centre of the region.

The city is quite intense and offers everything that a honeymoon couple would want weather on a luxury splurge or a budget trip. While the nightlife is vibrant and the culture of Istanbul is extraordinary, the city is a glittering combination of marvellous architecture and tempting food that you may not find anywhere else.

The city stretches its boundaries to Bosporus strait and includes mesmerizing attractions, such as Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the iconic Watch Byzantine. If your honeymoon dates fall between September to November, then this can be the best turkey exotic honeymoon place to explore.

  1. Antalya

Another most amazing place in Turkey for honeymoon couples is Antalya. Filled with beautiful beaches, natural scenic beauty, and historical embellishments, Antalya is situated on the Turkish Riviera.

Within Antalya is an amazing maze-Niketown, Kaleici. This is one of the premium places in the region that never fails to enthral with its unending beauty. Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Camii, Kesik Minaret, local markets, and cable car reaching to Mt. Tahtali are some of the popular points and activities in Antalya.

The city is an amazing combination of natural beauty and history. Planning a honeymoon to this place will offer you with an opportunity to explore few of the prominently exquisite destinations of Turkey.

  1. Cappadocia

You can book Turkey honeymoon packages to explore the alluring beauty of Cappadocia. It is one of the most captivating destinations to honeymoon where you can bring alive your dream of spending a day in hot air balloon with your loved one.

It is a semi-arid landscape formed through a huge, cone-shaped cluster of rocks in the Monks Valley and boundaries of Turkey. The region is popularly known as ‘fairy chimneys’ because the natural formation delivers an appearance almost similar to cones, chimneys, and pinnacles.

With exclusive tourist attractions like Ihlara Canyon, Bronze Age homes, and breathtaking churches, it is a perfect place to have a honeymoon that you can cherish throughout your lifetime.

The quirky landscapes, mountain views, and romantic walkthroughs, Cappadocia is definitely one of the charming and captivating places in Turkey.

  1. Bodrum

The Bodrum peninsula is an amazing archaeological heritage well complemented with the exotic serene bays. Planning a holiday in this region can be your perfect beach honeymoon.

The Bodrum castle in Turkey is a breathtaking site that was constructed in the 15th century. This spectacular site is located in the southwest region of Turkey and is one of the preserved monuments of the region from the medieval period.

You can book reliable Turkey honeymoon packages in order to visit and explore the exquisite beauty of Bodrum. Making prior bookings and planning a tour to this destination will help you explore all the glorious points like the St. Peter Castle, Underwater Archaeology Museum, Bodrum peninsula, Villages of Dagbelen and Derekoy, and even the healing springs of Kara Ada.

  1. Oludeniz and Fethiye

Also popular as the Turquoise Coast, it is one of the most naturally blessed regions in Turkey. With exquisite water elements, pine-clad valleys, and picturesque mountains, Oludeniz and Fethiye is a charming honeymoon destination in Turkey.

The underwater caves and the crystal clear water of the Gulf of Fethiyemake it a fascinating spot to spend your honeymoon. Also, you can explore the Roman ruins at Patara and the local Turkish villages through a wonderful horse ride.

The region even offers the tourist couples to experience the thrill of paragliding from the Babadag Mountain. The Oludeniz Lagoon with dense pine trees is another region to explore. So, if you want to spend a honeymoon packed with lots of serene and adventure activities, then this destination must be top on your list.

The weather of Turkey is pleasant throughout, but the best months to visit it are April – May, and September to November. You can book Europe group trip in advance to explore the captivating charm of this region and have the most romantic honeymoon. The language spoken in Turkey is Turkish and the currency is Turkish Lira. Making group bookings will be the best option as you will be able to get complete knowledge about the city and in case of any problem then there will always be a professional assistance to serve you.

Did you know about these 7 ancient beauties of Spain

7 ancient beauties of Spain

7 ancient beauties of Spain

7 ancient beauties of Spain Speak about grand architecture, Spain leaves no stone unturned in truly defining it. The grandeur that the city emanates is well beyond words and showcases utmost opulence and mesmerizing sheen. These prodigious monuments won’t fail to astonish you and you will drop your jaw in awe as you come across the brilliant details. El Escorial, the royal complex, the Alcazar of Segovia, a fortress turned into a royal palace and the list is exhaustive for you to get soaked in the beauty of the ancient monuments of Spain.The best part about Spain is that it’s a very traveller friendly country. You can find messages being translated from Spanish to English, in the public transport like bus/train.

We bring to you the best historical sites in this country that will ensure a great trip whether you are on a Europe group trip or travelling on your own.

The Alhambra

Also known as the red fortress in Granada, it’s a beautiful complex of royal palaces, various mosques and varied shops. This beauty came up in 1238 and was the residence of the Nasrid’s royal family for quite some time. Talking about time, you would need approximately 2-3 hours if you don’t want to miss out on anything set majestically in this lovely monument.

The Generalife Gardens (also located in Alhambra)

Heard about the amazing concerts, performances that take place in Spain?They are right here in these lovely palatial gardens. Spare a minimum of an hour to walk through these gardens and you’ll be mesmerized by the aroma all across. Across the gardens, you would see minor fountains splashing water and they are too many that in a little silence you can get lost in the meditative sound of the water. While booking your Spain Paris Switzerland tour packages, make sure that ample time is dedicated to visiting this delightful wonder.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

This magnificent museum is house to the best of the Spanish Art created over centuries by some of the best artists such as Picasso or Pablo. Apart from them, there are umpteen artists whose work is placed in this museum including Julio Gonzalez, Oteiza, Dali,  Chillida, Miro and many more foreign artists as well.

The Roman City of Merida in Extremadura

Merida has some of the most admirable sites that will make your Europe group trip a memorable one. A bridge from Emperor Augustus’s time that was 25 BC can still be seen in the city of Merida. In fact, you’d be surprised to know and be keen on travelling to this city as it has the most Roman monuments than any other city.

Sagrada Familia

Better known as the church of the holy family, Sagrada Familia is a church with an exceptional design. The interior columns of the church are highly influenced by nature and are built in the form of a tree. Antoni Gaudi, the architect behind the magnificent design of the church spent most of his life on Sagrada Familia.There are three facades in the church out of which the Glory Façade would apparently be the largest one as the church is still under construction. However, there is a museum, workshops and a souvenir shop too within the church.


Though located quite a few miles away from Barcelona, it’s a definite one to be visited. This place has witnessed a lot of wars like the Punic War which took place from 218-210 BC. Tarragona is surrounded by the Roman wall on three sides. All across the city, a lot of work is still being carried out to restore and preserve some of the amazing historical sites. A Europe Group trip that includes this destination is ideal to satisfy your appetite for history.


A city in Andalusia, Cordoba was ruled and colonized by Muslim armies prior to which it was a Roman settlement. The famous Aljama Mosque was built here by Abd- ar -Rahman in 784 BC. However, Al Mansur Ibn Abi Amir was the one who managed the final development of the mosque in 987 BC. Don’t forget to include it in your itinerary to grab a slice from the rich historical past.

There’s a lot more to this beautiful country. However, if you manage to cover the mentioned monuments, you would have experienced a great deal of magnificence. Don’t forget to carry your camera along as you will have a plethora of opportunities to capture the beauty of the ancient monuments of Spain.