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Corporate Meetings & Business Travel Organizers

This world works with the help of two main factors; one is energy sources and other being corporate. The corporate world runs on meetings, a point where decisions are made that have far reaching consequences. Meetings should always take place in a well planned and executed way that will allow the participants to focus on the agenda, in an ambience suited for interaction and decision making. Organizations are realizing the value of holding meetings and company think tanks outside the office, in a totally different environment. Apart from rejuvenating participants, such meetings encourage better ideas and out of the box thinking. Meetings for one should be held at carefully chosen locations help facilitate interaction among different levels of personnel and promote an exchange of ideas in a refreshingly new ambience.

All corporate meetings start by defining the goals or the agendas and that is where we come in handy as we help you identify achievable and quantifiable goals and will help you rack your expertise to decide on the appropriate tactics. We will also help you clear on the most important element i.e., budget. So, we will help to get the budget needed to achieve your objectives. Once the goal is set, you leave the rest to us. From Site selection, negotiations, planning the minutest details to taking care of your marketing and registration, all can be handled under one umbrella – EGT.

Corporate Incentive Travel

Companies from all over the World are providing all kinds of incentives to motivate and reward their staff and associates. Initiatives can be in the form of bonus, travel expense etc. Such initiatives encourage company loyalty among employees, motivate them to compete, achieve and exceed targets. They also contribute to employee retention, and help in building an atmosphere of trust. Travel-based incentives or corporate incentive travel are very popular, and offer a truly memorable experience to all the participators. Corporate incentive travels also give the employees an opportunity to interact and know each other closely thereby boosting interpersonal bonds. It also helps them understand the foreign business standards and thereby coming up with innovative ideas that can be implemented in their own work scenarios. Incentive or motivational travel rewards allow the building of relationships not only with peers away from work but also foreign business finesse. They give participants the opportunity to experience something unique as a group, something that they could not do on their own. Recognition also generates the desire to continue to excel and earn similar rewards in subsequent programs.

Corporate Conferences/Conventions Organizers

Now a day hosting a conference or convention has become a normal event in corporate world as it showcases an organization’s image and reputation on a world -wide scenario. Whether intended for in-house personnel, or for a larger audience of customers and dealers, the conference has to reflect the professionalism and integrity of your business. The trends of organizing conferences and seminars at different domestic or international destinations have become a common thing these days. A significant amount of planning and streamlining of the logistics and great amount of money and concentration is involved in this process. Europe group trip being one of the most reputed corporate conference organizers, know how to deliver best services suited to their client’s requirements.

We not only understand the true merits of each conference, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that it is perceived, conceived and received in ways it should; in ways which are truly beyond the ordinary. To conference an event management, being at home with knowledge of corporate manners, business affairs and industry trends is much more than simply essential. Over the years, conferences have evolved as purely stimulating occasions than intimidating sessions. The fresher the conference, the bigger success it becomes. Ensuring freshness as the key element needs equal share of expertise and sense of logic.

All the arrangements from the venue to cuisine, from the decorators, to making the conceptual leap, all this really makes a conference come alive. Conferences, corporate event management is the life of the corporate culture…we fully respect it and are plan to bring everything in absolute sync with all other elements, finer points and the toppings to ensure your conference is a roaring success.

Exhibitions Organizer / Trade Fairs

Organizing an exhibition or trade fair of any kind is a very difficult task to uphold. Anyone who has ever undertaken the work of holding an exhibition or trade fair understands that organizing such a challenging event requires the seamless coming together of a number of components. It needs careful planning and implementation by a team of experts by taking care of minutes’ of details to bring up a prefect get together at such a large scale that helps to create a powerful and positive impression. Here we are to conduct such events for you, where you relax and we work to bring you what you just imagined, without breaking a sweat.