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Europe Education Tour Packages 2018

europe educational tour packages

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How to Choose Right Europe Education Tours Agency

Books are man’s best friends but bookish knowledge is not enough to understand the social, emotional or practical features of life. Students at all levels have to have an understanding and are required to go beyond the prescribed syllabus. Tours designed to complement the school or college curriculum are rapidly becoming popular these days. The itineraries are designed to stimulate, excite and motivate students in the relevant subject area as they combine learning with fun. Exposure is the main factor about which the development of a student takes place. The idea is to enhance learning opportunities for students by exposing them to different cultures and concepts across the world. Industrial visits and science centre tours can help widen the horizons of children’s thought process and provide an insight into current trends and practices going on in the world.

Pre-preparation of tour:

We proudly announce the itinerary and give detailed information about any trip to students and their respective teachers in advance. Our tour expert team will be available the moment of arrival of the group and directly meet with students, parents, teachers and administrators to provide the complete trip information. We also provide the full guidance about the tourist destination via different planning processes.


At EGT, the main prospect of our educational tour teams is to meet each and every expectations of each and every student. Our tour includes travel insurance, tasty food, accommodation, transport facilities, visiting tickets and much more. We provide the inclusive prices tour packages that help the students to fulfil all the aspects of fun. The students need to have a little money in their pocket to buy stuffs they need and extra refreshments that they would like to have from time to time.


Security, being the most important aspect of any kind of educational tour, is our main concern too. We guarantee to provide the utmost safety on our tours, and special attention to each and every student attending the tour. We are proud of our flawless security services. Before confirming any trip, we check ourselves and highlight the safety and hygienic conditions in all accommodations of hotel as well as conduct various security checks time to time. Our experts are well- trained for handling all situations related to the student safety.

Full-time tour instructor:

Our instructors are well trained and disciplined and are made available to the students at all times of the tour. They are mainly responsible for helping the students throughout the tour and they take care of all the things happening in the duration of trip, including delicious foods, hotel accommodations and tour-related admissions. We take care of each and every thing including the safety of the students and considering their comfort zone they are given special attention too. All the arrangements are taken care of by us so there is no need for anyone to worry about the tour or anything. One can enjoy the significance of the educational tours in real sense without getting to worry about anything in the duration of the tour.